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Are you ready for the fascinating story of how I discovered my love for photography? Okay it's not that exciting, but sit tight, I'll do my best to blow your minds.

Let's rewind to Allentown, PA in the 1960's. My grandfather was a chemist for Bell Labs and for some reason would shoot weddings on the weekend (not my cup of tea). My dad would assist him, and in doing so, he developed a passion for photography. Fast forward a few years and my dad was on his way to RIT, which at the time was the most prestigious photography school in the country. At this point photography was being sewn into my future DNA.

At the tender age of 14, with an abundance of weathered photography equipment at my disposal, I picked up my dad's old Nikon during a hot summer day at the beach in Santa Cruz, California. It was then when I to take a crappy picture. But I was hooked! I felt a connection to photography. It was comfortable. It was fun. And it pulled me into a new, exciting world of self-discovery, passion, creativity and adventure. From there I took photography in high school and college, and made it a point to improve upon that first photo I took. I focused on many genres in order to become proficient in those settings and developed an understanding in all things photography.

That brings us to present day. My love for the outdoors and structural design have formed my specialization in architectural photography. The relationship between people, nature and architecture show the roots of human culture and that drives my passion for photography.

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